March 14, 2017:

philosopher, theologian, former senior research consultant & correspondence editor
at the Christian Research Institute (CRI), former cohost of The Bible Answer Man
radio broadcast, current senior research scholar at Reasons to Believe (RTB),
author of Christian Endgame, 7 Truths That Changed the World, A World of Difference,
Without a Doubt & more, leader of RTB’s Straight Thinking podcast, host of the Reflections blog,
speaker at universities & churches worldwide, frequent guest on radio programs such as
The Frank Sontag Show, Issues Etc., & Stand to Reason, adjunct professor at Biola University,
member of the Evangelical Philosophical Society, the Evangelical Theological Society,
& the International Society of Christian Apologetics,
will discuss:

“The CULT of the VIRGIN:

Catholic Mariology &

the Apparitions of Mary”

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