August 3, 2018:

Tom Niewulis,
President & CEO of NCDCS, Inc., with over 30 years
in business & organizational analysis, strategic planning,
financial and organizational management, having delivered
business & technical studies & having made presentations
at industry conferences in the United States and Europe, a
member of the technical advisory boards for emerging
companies as well as the Fortune 500, an internationally
published writer, a member of the National Association of
Corporate Directors & The World Intellectual Property
Organization, whose studies include the U.S. Constitution,
the Federalist & Anti-Federalist Papers, Joseph Stories
Commentaries, Blackstone, Locke, De Tocqueville,
Madison’s Notes & the various states Ratifying Conventions
as well as original source writings of Samuel Adams & his
contemporaries, the Reformation with an emphasis on the
Scottish Reformation, Lex Rex, the Puritans & Covenant,
the First Great Awakening & the Sermons the Founders
heard preached, Chair of Constitutional Economics at the
Thomas Jefferson Center for Constitutional Studies,
board member for We The People Washington, author of
“The Tale of Two Constitutions” & 3 other books
in the works: “The Depth of Tyranny – As Predicted, the
Anti-Federalist Got It Right”, “Liberty to Economy” &
“Rethinking Property Rights Today”, board member at
Samuel Adams Center for Political Science & blogger at who will address:


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