August 13, 2018:

biblical counselor (the first Deaf person to
be certified through the Association of
Certified Biblical Counselors), leader of a
group of other Deaf Christians preparing to
become certified as biblical counselors, the
North America Scripture Engagement
coordinator for the Deaf Bible Society, an
organization with the mission of translating
God’s Word in every signed language where
he educates & trains Deaf communities &
ministry leaders in Scripture engagement
through sign language, former basketball
player in the Deaf Olympics with many years
of experience coaching both Deaf & hearing
athletes in basketball & soccer, pastor of
Grace Deaf Presbyterian Church in Danville,
KY, overseer of Christian Life Church of the
Deaf In Indianapolis, IN, & overseer of a Deaf
fellowship in Richmond, KY, at Eastern
Kentucky University (Deaf people watch his
sermons at
through Gracetodeaf YouTube & through
Facebook Live on his account),
who will address:

“Bringing the GOSPEL & GOD’s WORD to the DEAF”

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