April 5, 2018:

Hour #1:
Darrell Bernard Harrison,
the first Black Christian to be ordained a Deacon
in the nearly 200-year history of First Baptist Church of Covington, GA (currently a member of Rockdale Community Church (RCC), Conyers, GA), & lead host of “Just Thinking”,


Hour #2:
former Congressional Intern for long serving (10 terms)
U.S. Representative, Joel Hefley (CO-5th), guest, & co-host
on numerous radio shows in the U.S. & U. K., including
appearances as a guest panelist on the Don Lemon show
on CNN, the Megyn Kelly show on Fox News, as well as appearing on the Turkish Radio & Television network, &
Executive Director of Unhyphenated America,
who will each address:

“RACISM in AMERICA: Are Modern Day Social
Justice Warriors Diminishing Or Perpetuating
the Sin of BIGOTRY?”

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