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Guest & Topic Schedule July 20-31:
MON., JULY 20CARL TRUEMAN on his book “Luther & the Christian Life: Cross & Freedom”
TUES., JULY 21: BILL FEDERER of American Minute on “Calvinist Contributions to American History”
WED., JULY 22BILL SHISHKO of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Franklin Square, NY on “Creation Ordinances: Work, Sabbath, Marriage & Pro-creation”
THURS., JULY 23ROBERT SUNGENIS on “A Conservative Catholic’s Reflections on Rome’s Most Liberal Pope”
FRI., JULY 24JOHN OTIS on his book “Theistic Evolution: A Sinful Compromise”
MON., JULY 27HANNAH OVERTON, wrongly convicted & imprisoned for the death of her foster child, on “Unspeakable Nightmare: the Horror of False Accusations of Killing a Precious Loved One (& her ministry in & out of prison)”
TUES., JULY 28 & WED., JULY 29RICHARD BENNETT of Berean Beacon on “The Testimony of a Roman Catholic Priest Saved by Grace Alone, Thru Faith Alone, In Christ Alone” & “Pope Francis: Rome’s Most Liberal Pontiff Examined”
THURS., JULY 30THOMAS C. ODEN, a celebrated liberal convert to Biblical Christianity on his book “A Change of Heart: A Personal & Theological Memoir”
FRI., JULY 31JIM HARRISON of Red Mills Baptist Church in Mahopac Falls, NY, on “Lessons to be Learned from Thomas C. Oden’s Conversion from Liberalism to Biblical Christianity”