May 3, 2022

(Chaplain, Lt. Col. USAR Ret.),
who has served for over 40 years in
pastoral ministry as a campus pastor,
a congregational minister, campaign
consultant or staff for several major
political campaigns, a graduate of
The Citadel with a B.A. in political
science, a graduate of Grace
Theological Seminary cum laude
with a Master of Divinity in 1974 & a
Master of Theology in 1979, an Army
Reserve Chaplain, retiring as Lt.
Colonel in 1999, a Bronze Star
recipient for service in Gulf War I,
co-founder of Frontline Ministries,
Inc., currently serving as the
President of the Board, author of
“Let My Children Go” & co-author
with his wife, Gail, of “The Promise of
Jonadab: Building a Christian Family
Legacy in a Time of Cultural Decline”,
one of the Executive Producers of the
award-winning film, “IndoctriNation:
Public Schools & the Decline of
Christianity in America” (Gunn
Productions), & script-writer &
Executive Producer of the film,
“Escaping Common Core: Setting
Our Children Free”(Cutting Edge
Films), who will address:

Encouraging & Assisting
Christian Families to Leave
Pharaoh’s School System
for the Promised Land of
Christian Schools & Home

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