March 1, 2018:

Tony Miano,
open-air evangelist, retired 22-year veteran of
the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (1987-
2007), former gang investigator, field training officer,
drug recognition expert, & DUI enforcement specialist,
receiver of over 60 commendations & citations for
meritorious service, arrests, criminal investigations,
critical decision-making, & community service, 1993
“Deputy of the Year” for Santa Clarita, CA, recipient of
the Mothers Against Drunk Drivers “Centurion Award”
for apprehending more than 100 drunk drivers in a
12-month period, chaplain for the Los Angeles County
Sheriff’s Department (2000 to 2008), founder & director
of Ten-Four Ministries (2002 to 2008) currently serving
as advisor to the ministry, Living Waters’ Director of
Ambassadors’ Alliance & Director of their Conferences
& Special Projects (2008 to mid-2012), writer & co-host of
nearly 400 episodes of Living Waters’ live program,
“On the Box, with Ray Comfort”, author of Take Up The Shield, Should She Preach? – Biblical Evangelism for Women &
“CROSS ENCOUNTERS: A Decade of Gospel Conversations”,
to address the theme:

“Tried & Convicted in an AMERICAN COURT for
PREACHING the GOSPEL at an Abortion Mill!!”

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