April 25, 2018:

Dr. Desmond Ford,
B.A. Theology @ Avondale College in Australia;
Master’s in Systematic Theology @ Andrews University;
a Ph.D. in Rhetoric about the Pauline Epistles @ Michigan State
University, USA; & another Ph.D. in eschatology @
Manchester University, England, a teacher & minister
of the gospel for over 50 years, former head of the religion dept.
@ Avondale College in Australia for over 16 years, former
member of the Biblical Research Committee (the Seventh-day
Adventist’s chief theological committee) in both Australia,
now working independently through a nonprofit ministry
for over 20 years, in Auburn,California & the USA called
Good News Unlimited,


Ken Samples,
philosopher, theologian, former senior research consultant
& correspondence editor at the Christian Research
Institute (CRI), former cohost of The Bible Answer
Man radio broadcast, current senior research scholar
at Reasons to Believe (RTB), leader of RTB’s
Straight Thinking podcast, host of the Reflections blog,
speaker at universities & churches worldwide, frequent
guest on radio programs such as The Frank Sontag
Show, Issues Etc., & Stand to Reason, adjunct
professor at Biola University, member of the
Evangelical Philosophical Society, the
Evangelical Theological Society, & the
International Society of Christian Apologetics,
& author of a number of books, including
“Christian Endgame”, “7 Truths That Changed the World”,
“A World of Difference” & “Prophets of the Apocalypse:
David Koresh & Other American Messiahs”
who will both address:

TEXAS Disaster 25 Years After the Siege”

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